Day 1


Upon arrival at Vágar airport you will already find yourself surrounded by impressive nature. At the airport a shuttle awaits you that will take you to Tórshavn where you will stay for the next six nights at Hotel Føroyar. If you like peace and quiet and being in the middle of nature, then Hotel Føroyar is the hotel for you.

Day 2


Today you will visit the heart of the Faroe Islands. You will visit the villages Saksun, Tjørnuvík and Gjógv. In Saksun you will see the seawater lagoon and the beautiful old church. Tjørnuvík is known for its magical black sandy beach surrounded by high mountains and stunning view of Risin & Kellingin, also known as the Giant and the Hag. Legend has it that they tried to drag the Faroe Islands to Iceland. You will also hike the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands, Slættaratindur, but don’t worry the hike will start from the mountain road and give you a 550-meter head start. Following the hike, you will visit the lovely Gjógv that is named after its amazing gorge. In Gjógv you will enjoy your lunch and take your time strolling around the village and enjoy it’s beauty. On this day you will also see the highest waterfall, Fossá.

Day 3


Is open for you to explore on your own or add on another guided tour. You can explore Tórshavn, the smallest capital in the world. Take a walk through the city and visit the old part of town. You can also visit the craft and wool shops along with a cozy café. If you like artifacts, you can visit several museums in the city.

Day 4


Today you experience the famous Kallur Lighthouse. You will drive along the fjords towards Klaksvík, where you will take a beautiful 20 minute ferry ride to the island of Kalsoy. After arriving in Kalsoy you will drive to Trøllanes where the hike to Kallur Lighthouse begins. A local farmer will be your guide and gives you the opportunity to experience Faroese nature up close. The lighthouse is located in a mesmerising landscape on the nothernmost edge of the island. The hike will take around 2-3 hours, but if you are not up for hiking or able to, you are welcome to stay in the car and enjoy a tour of the island instead. Lunch will be eaten by the lighthouse, while enjoying the view of the Giant and the Hag as well as Cape Enniberg - one of the highest sea-cliffs in the world. A fun fact is that Kalsoy is known for being the “James Bond”-island. In the James Bond movie “No time to die” from 2021, there are some breathtaking shots included. After the hike to the lighthouse, your journey continues to Mikladalur, where you will visit the Seal Woman before heading back to Tórshavn.

Day 5


Today you will visit Vágar and the Slave Cliff. On your way to Vágar you will make a stop at Norðadalskarð and enjoy the beautiful view over the fjord. Your first visit will be to the charming village Gásadalur, where you will see the breathtaking waterfall Múlafossur. After your visit in Gásadalur you will drive to Sørvágur, where the hike to Trælanípan, the Slave Cliff, starts. You will hike along the shore of Leitisvatn, the largest lake in the Faroe Islands and also known as the ‘hovering lake’. On your hike you will also see Bøsdalafossur waterfall. The hike takes around 3 hours and is suitable for almost everyone.

In the evening a table will be waiting for you at Skeiva Pakkhús. A seaside restaurant combining Italian and Faroese cuisine.

Day 6


Your guided experience has come to an end and a shuttle taxi will take you back to Vágar airport. We hope that this adventure has richened you with old stories and traditions, great food, and amazing nature.

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

and you’re filled with new memories.
and you’re filled with new memories.

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  • 5 nights in a shared double room incl. breakfast at Hotel Føroyar
  • Airport transfer to and from hotel.
  • 3x full day tour incl. pick up at Hotel Føroyar, guide, hiking and ferry fees, and lunch.
  • Set menu “Norðlýsið” at Skeiva Pakkhús (beverages not included).

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  • 5 course meal at Barbara Fish House (beverages not included)
  • 3 course meal at Restaurant Áarstova (beverages not included)

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